22 KT Yellow Gold Alloys

22 KT Investment Casting Alloys

PRY82 –

  • Specialist in investment casting with stones
  • Solid hardeness in 22KT casting
  • Cost Effective

PRYS10 –

  • Specialist in invesment casting with stones

PRYS38 –

  • Specialist in investment casting in 22 KT & 18 KT
  • Effective luster and colour in 22 KT (Due to high percentage of Silver)

22 KT Mechanical Work Alloys


  • Specialist in 22 KT Mechanical work
  • Specializes in Bangles and Chains


  • Very good hardness
  • Specially for CNC work and making beads


  • Specially for chain.

Soldering Alloy


Soldering Alloy for 18 KT and 22 KT


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