2ltr Plating Plant SS Body With 4 Beaker


The plant is a multi purpose equipment which can replace more machines, saving space and cost. A single machine to replace other machine to carry out processes like Degreasing , Plating , Antitarnishing , and various other that requires DC current. It is best suitable for plating Flash Gold/ Rhodium bath

  • Capacity : 2 Litres
  • CCCV (Constant Current Constant Voltage) Rectifier with 12 V – 10 A
  • Equipped with Borosil 2 Litre Glass beakers
  • Digital display for voltage and current
  • Voltage adjustment through potentiometer and Stirrer to stir the solution
  • Mechanical timer to set process time, stops DC current supply to the piece and solution
  • Temperature regulator to set the temperature of bath.
  • Provides Steady Voltage that gives desired result in the chemical processes being carried
  • Terminals provided with easy access, that can accomodate Pin type, Ring or Fork type connectors simultaneously

Accessories included in 2ltr Plating Plant SS Body With 4 Beaker:

  1. 4 borosilicate glass beakers of 2 ltr capacity
  2. SS Anodes 2 pcs
  3. Red cable for Positive terminal
  4. Black cable for Negative terminal

Brochure Operating



Gold plating is the process in which a fine gold layer is coated over another metal by  an electrochemical reaction. During the electrochemical reaction a DC current  gold ions from the gold bath solution is adhered on to the negatively charged piece or article. Gold as itself is ductile and malleable. For enhancing the properties of the articles , materials like Silver,Copper and Nickel are introduced and gold plating is done of it to mimic the same appearance of gold.

Plant equipped with 4 beakers, of which 2 beakers are separately powered for heating,  with adjusting voltage from the potentiometer on the command panel with electronic protection and a magnetic stirrer motor provided in first beaker to stirr the solution properly. The machine includes  S.S. anodes for degreasing and Gold and Oxal anode for Rhodium.



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