Electro Polishing Machine For Gold, Silver & Brass 27 Ltrs.

Do It Electro Polishing Machine is equipped with an electrochemical process that removes
metal from articles. Its improving the surface finish via reducing the surface roughness by
levelling micro- peaks and valleys. Due to its ease of operation and its usefulness in
polishing of irregularly-shaped objects now DOIT ELECTRO POLISHING has become
a common process in the World of production of Jewellery .

  • Features :-
    1. All the intricate portion of the articles are finely polished by this process.
    2. Easy and simple to operate and process.
    3.The removal of the metal is slow so low current density area is covered very well.
    4. Removed metal is dissolved in liquid which is 95% to 98% from liquid by refining process.
    5. The process cost is very low which is very mandatory to cut down the production cost.
    6. Gold, silver and brass jewellery can be polished in the same machine at different times with different chemicals and parameters.
    7. Six direction movement of jig inside the processing tank
    8. 24V100Amp GC Rectifier for uniform surface finish.
    9. Sensor controlled movement of jig where movement occurs only when the lead is closed
    10. Variable stroke length of the movement.
    11. Wheels are provided with the provision of movement as well as for holding machine at the time of installation.
    12. Additional Jig stand is provided for ease of locking ornaments on to the jig.
    13. Slotted jig is provided inside main tank for separation of chemical & media. As well as to protect anodes from getting in contact with articles

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