PH Meter indicates the PH value of Solutions used in Chemical Reactions, Since the ph value is crucial in getting desired results. Thereby the ph value can the controlled. The ECOTESTER PH2 model works in the range of 0.0 – 14.0 ph with a resolution of 0.1 ph.

  • Simple single line display and Push button calibration
  • Water proof and dust proof housing
  • Long-lasting sensor with PVDF reference junction
  • Hold function freezes the reading inorder to note the values
  • Automatic temperature compensation and Auto shut off


PH Meter is used to measure the PH of a Solution to find out if its base , acid or neutral. In chemical reactions the PH of the Solutions are very crucial. The value indicated in the range of numbers 0 – 14 denotes the property . 7 denotes that it is neutral. Above 7 is basic and below 7 is acidic.


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