SPRAY ENAMEL / Spray Meena / Meena / Jewellery color / Coin Enamel

Spray Enamels guns are easier to use. These lightweight gravity feed spray guns are suitable for production work on articles of medium or large sizes. Perfect balance, comfortable handle, and trigger action make non-tiring to operate. This set includes 10 colors. Under Coat is needed when the surface is not dull (matte)or is uneven. Under Coat gives life to the Enamel colors. High Coat Glossy is more suitable for silver ideals and articles, it provides a top coat for the enamel color. Both i.e. Under Coat and High coat are to be used in a 1:1 ratio with their respective hardener.


  • Do- It Impex’s unioque quality of paint sets make any craft or hobby project a breeze to complete like a professional.
  • Speed and efficiency



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