Manufactured by – PROFICAST


MODEL VARIANTS : MPS 100H / MPS 200H / MPS 250H / MPS 300H / MPS 750H / MPS series with Pneumatic System( 750H and above) / (TAILOR MADE MODELS)
( info : Do it Ultrasonic Machines also comes in Tailor made size variants, where machines with varying capacity are manufactured as per client’s requirement. )

Ultrasonic Cleaning System has the advantage of being able to clean intricate places in Jewellery as well as in other industries with out the need of harsh Cleaning agents for effective cleaning.

  • Separate controller for Vibration and Timer settings
  • Stainless steel 304/ 0.8mm With Deep Draw Process (Single Piece Tank)
  • Separate controller for Vibration and Timer settings
  • Capacity : 25 L
  • Heaters : 500W X (3nos )
  • Medium Working frequency of 40 kHz
  • Digital Timer and Variable Power Function
  • Sweep Vibration for Efficient Cleaning
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Inbuilt Cooling Fan

Ultra cleaning solutions:

  1. Ultra cleaning solution- Available in 1Ltr, 5Ltr & 20Ltr package
  2. Ultra powder – Available in 1kg & 5kg package
  3. Ultrasound 904 – Available in 1kg & 5kg Package
  4. LDS cleaner – Available in 1kg, 5kg & 25kg package

Brochure Operating


“Ultrasonic machine is an indispensable system for jewellery. Cleaning, as manufacturing progresses, becomes more critical. As cleaning is to be done in intricate areas, under stones, Do-it Impex research and development has created ultrasonic machine with effective cavitations which causes formation of minute bubbles in cleaning liquid and thus cleaning dirt from minutest places. You can also achieve very effective cleaning with more than 90% power saving and faster cleaning.”


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